The Eastern Mass
Rhythm Festival 14th Annual EMRF on July 28, 2018

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Neylan Belly Dance

Tribal Belly Dance

with Neylan

(1:30 – 2:30pm)

Tribal belly dance is a beautiful way to express your creativity while connecting with your ancient feminine spirit.

It's a dance that is inspired by traditional belly dance, North African dance, Spanish and Indian dance but with a modern flair. We use cues and body language to create a dance conversation that develops in the moment between dancers. It's a lot of fun, we laugh, are energized and build confidence in our bodies. It's a dance that is easy to learn for all ages and abilities.


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© 2016 Diana Vogel 


A Bit About Neylan

Neylan is a Gypsy Caravan Tribal Belly Dance® Certified Teacher and is a vital force in the development of New England’s tribal and tribal fusion community.

She began her arts and dance training at the University of Nebraska Lincoln where she holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts. She returned to New England in 2000 and started formal Middle Eastern Dance training at Perishable theater in Providence. Her studies of Tribal Belly dance began in 2012 and is the Southern New England’s first Gypsy Caravan Tribal Belly Dance ® Certified Teacher under the direction of it’s founder Paulette Rees-Denis.

Neylan teaches 3 weekly classes at her home studio in Attleboro MA. She produces two yearly events The Hafla in the Crystal Garden, Bright Star in the Night. As well as educational events Friday Night Forums and Gathering of the Tribes for student and regional dancers. She is the director of Blue Moon Caravan Tribal Bellydance, Creattuk, as well as Southern New England’s Caravan Project ®.


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