The Eastern Mass
Rhythm Festival 14th Annual EMRF on July 28, 2018

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Hula Hoop Dance and Flow

with Jessie Jewels


“Hooping” is an evolving form of movement, fitness and meditation. We don’t just learn to waist hula hoop! We also explore off body hooping, moving within the space of the hoop and rhythm.

Even if you couldn't hoop as a kid I promise you will have a better experience using larger "adult sized" hoops. The bigger and the heavier the hoop is, the easier it is to keep it up!

Hoops will be available to use, but if you have a hoop please bring it with you. You can also contact Jessie to order a hoop of your own.

– No hooping experienced required!

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What is Hooping?

Hooping is part of the greater spectrum of flow arts, which are playful movement arts involving skill toys that are used to evoke the exploration of dynamic, flowing, and sequential movements. This movement, and the related mind/body state, is referred to as "flow".

– Hooping is meditative
Spinning a hoop can calm your frenzied mind. You decide what you want your hooping experience to be depending on how fast or slow you’re hooping and what music you might be listening to.

– Hooping is community building
You can’t look at someone hooping and not smile! Once one person starts learning and having fun with a hoop, everyone wants in on the action. It’s a fun way to spend time with friends and family, there isn’t a huge learning curve, and you can do it anywhere! Bring a handful of hoops to the park and pretty soon, you have a party!

– Hooping is good for your physical health
Hooping can burn 400 — 600 calories per hour and you don’t even realize it because… it’s fun! Hooping will also strengthen your core, your arms, legs… your entire body!

– Hooping is for everyone!
Hooping is for all ages and body types. The bigger and the heavier the hoop is, the easier it is to keep it up!


A Bit About Jessie

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Jessie Jewels found the hoop in 2013 when a friend brought a hoop to a party. The next day she picked up her first hoop and hasn’t stopped spinning since. Jessie’s personal mission is to share her love of hooping with others. Jessie believes that the hoop is a transformational tool that has the ability to teach and inspire its inhabitants to "go with the flow". In 2014 Jessie created Jessie Jewels Hoops to share hooping with others and to connect the spin arts community in Southern New England. She hosts community events, performs, teaches workshops and makes hula hoops. As a Certified FXP Hula Hoop and Hoopyassa Instructor Jessie encourages students to let go, make mistakes and have fun!

Jessie currently offers weekly hoop classes and flow jams in Pawtucket, Rhode Island and private instruction and workshops throughout New England.


Jessie Jewels Performs Hooping
At Danse Salmagundi Spring Frolics


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