The Eastern Mass
Rhythm Festival 14th Annual EMRF on July 28, 2018

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Sayon Camara 3

Traditional Sounds
of the African Drum

with Sayon Camara

LOCATION: HILLTOP (1:30 – 2:30pm)

Play the the songs of the djembe as they are heard in the traditional village culture of the Malinke people in the Sankaran region of Guinea.

No frills, no embellishments, straight from the origin. All levels are welcome! Sayon will guide you. Accompaniments, solos, duns, songs included! Bring your djembe (and duns if that's what makes you happy) and an audio recorder if you want to practice what you learn at home!


Djembe teacher Sayon Camara


A Bit About Sayon

Few know the power of the djembe like Sayon Camara. An exemplary djembe and fluid dounoun drummer, musician, performer, teacher and scholar of the traditional music of Guinea, he operates with boundless energy and a deep and abiding respect for life and the music he stewards.

At the age of seven Sayon's father gifted him with a djembe. He continued to play, serving as the djembefola of his village for decades until he left to spend another decade studying, living, sleeping and breathing Famoudou Konate's teaching. He has taught in Mr. Konate's workshops and you will hear Sayon's playing on many of Mr. Konate's CDs.

Sayon carries an intimate knowledge of the music for the drums, songs, and stories of his people. In the spirit of an angel he delivers a sound that is as clear as a bell with an impeccable sense of time.

Sayon has taught students from all over the world, from all walks of life and currently offers weekly drumming classes in White River Junction VT as well as private instruction and workshops, school residencies and performances in New England, the US, Japan, Guinea and other countries.



one african village

One African Village: Food for EveryOne, EveryDay

I love Kouya Sidia (Sidia) and the people who live there. It's my first home, a village of about 1200 people in the Sankaran region of Guinea near Kouroussa, where daily life is conducted with respect. On Rhythm Festival day, please consider supporting our worthy cause. Please click on this link to read more about our fundraising campaign. Thank you.


For More Information

Find out what Sayon is up to, and see videos at:

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