The Eastern Mass
Rhythm Festival 13th Annual EMRF on August 5, 2017

Check back during the month of May for the complete schedule of the 13th annual Eastern Mass Rhythm Festival on August 5, 2017.


bhakti bliss 2

Kirtan Chanting

with Bhakti Bliss

Kirtan is many things. Also known as Bhakti Yoga, this practice was developed in India many thousands of years ago.

The idea being that sound has a specific vibration and frequency, and channels of energy are created and carried through the universe.

When sound moves through us, there is a widening effect of the heart chakra, such as ripples across a pond.

Kirtan is ‘call and response’ chanting of the divine prayers in musical form; with singing, dancing, and repeating mantra you calm your mind and still your soul. A kirtan is not a musical performance; it is a devotional practice, where our hearts may connect with other people.

‘Bhakti Bliss Kirtans’ are intended to be all-inclusive, and through these associations with other people our soul is reflected back to us as the blissful beings that we are. Each of us is a droplet - timeless and indistinct - unique in form - universal in essence - single beads of heavenly water - communing together to form an ocean of love.


Please Note: No photos or videos are allowed during workshop session.