The Eastern Mass
Rhythm Festival 14th Annual EMRF on July 28, 2018

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Sacred Drum,
Chant and
the Mother Drum

with Laney Goodman


We will drum, chant and dance in the four directions of the Medicine Wheel.

Native American traditions teach us that each of the four directions carry certain elements, qualities and totems.

We will learn how to best be in balance together in a tribal way - once again bringing forth the old wisdom into our present time, where it is needed for healing our hearts, minds, and the global community.

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Please, bring bells, shakers, rattles, and drums of all types. And the MOTHER DRUM will help keep the one or the heartbeat throughout our Journey. Some of you will have the chance to play the Mother Drum if you so choose.

Ceremonial drum & chant teaches us the power of deep listening and helps take us deeper into community to find our commonUNITY... as we heal ourselves and our Mother Earth. For All Our Relations-A-Ho.

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A Bit About Laney

Laney Goodman, visionary drummer, ceremonialist and vocalist, leads ceremonial drum circles called Drumming in the Four Directions or Sacred Drum & Chant. She created these circles at the late Grandmother Twyla Nitsch's Women's Lodge in 1986 and has been all over the East Coast and beyond carrying her Medicine ever since to all walks of life.

Laney has studied with the late Grandmother Twyla Nitsch of the Seneca Wolf clan. She has also studied with African-American drum masters Edwina Lee Tyler and Ubaka Hill, as well as the late Baba Olatunji. She has worked with StarHawk, Z Budupest, ALisa Starkweather, Jason Cohen, Mother Turtle, Nadia Puttini, Janet Farnsworth and Bill Pfeiffer.

She is currently the host of an internationally syndicated public radio show, "Women in Music", which is heard on 100 + markets each week and around the world with Radio On Demand :

Laney is part Cherokee of the eastern door in the Great Smoky Mountains. She is also of German, English and Scot/Irish ancestry.

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