The Eastern Mass
Rhythm Festival 13th Annual EMRF on August 5, 2017

Check back during the month of May for the complete schedule of the 13th annual Eastern Mass Rhythm Festival on August 5, 2017.


Laney Goodman

Sacred Drum, Chant and the Mother Drum

with Laney Goodman

We will drum, chant and dance in the four directions of the Medicine Wheel.

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Jess Nolin

Hoop Dance Basics

with Jessie Jewels

Modern Hoop Dance is an evolving form of movement, fitness and meditation. This workshop will be geared towards beginning hoopers with little to no experience.

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neylan bellydance

Tribal Belly Dance

with Neylan

Tribal belly dance is a beautiful way to express your creativity while connecting with your ancient feminine spirit.

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bhakti bliss 2

Kirtan Chanting

with Bhakti Bliss

Kirtan is many things. Also known as Bhakti Yoga, this practice was developed in India many thousands of years ago.

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sayon camara 2

Traditional Sounds
of the African Drum

with Sayon Camara

Play the the songs of the djembe as they are heard in the traditional village culture of the Malinke people in the Sankaran region of Guinea.

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